Naturally Manage Chronic Pain – Essential Resources

Naturally Manage Chronic Pain. Certain natural remedies like aromatherapy and yoga can help to manage and relieve your symptoms. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with a medical condition like rheumatoid arthritis, endometriosis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, or another type of health issue that causes pain in the body. Check out the following resources from Jenny James Continue reading »

Essential Oils for Pregnant Women

I am so excited to share a podcast about essential oils for pregnant women with Carla Letts of MyBump2Baby interviewing me. Carla is a mummy with an ambition to create the best baby, toddler and family directory, which I think she has achieved! There’s a plethora of advise, links and what’s on in your local Continue reading »

We are open!

We are open! Following the Isle of Man government’s lifting of social distancing in June (link Covid19) I was able to open my clinic at Rushen Abbey Complementary Clinics, Bridge Road, Ballasalla, IM9 3DA 🌻Please feel free to call or text to book an aromatherapy treatment🌱 or private/group yoga🧘‍♀️ class.🙏 Page links Treatments Please don’t Continue reading »

Clinic Reopening Update

Following the government’s announcement at the beginning of last week I wanted to keep you informed as to when I can reopen for treatments at the Rushen Abbey Complementary Clinic in Ballasalla. I am hoping it will be soon but I am waiting for my regulators, IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists) to give me Continue reading »

Aroma Yoga Meditation Guide

Aroma Yoga Meditation Guide The word meditation is used to describe different states of mind. Contemplation and concentration, devotion and chanting. The word itself probably derives from the same root as the Latin word Mederi, meaning to heal. Meditation can certainly be looked on as a healing process, emotionally, mentally and physically too. In yoga Continue reading »

Autumn Aroma Yoga with Chakra Balancing Oils

Autumn Aroma Yoga with Chakra Balancing Oils. Ayuvedic medicine encourages us to restore balance and awaken the Vata in us at this time of year. In this workshop we moved through asanas and oils that focused on the Vata Dosha, to restore balance and awaken the constitution for this time of year. This constitution benefits Continue reading »

Aromatherapy for Parkinson’s

Aromatherapy can ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Essential oils can be applied topically or diffused in a room, see below some oils to consider and information on how to use them. Frankincense – calmative, rubefacient (brings blood to the muscles), physical and mental tension reliever Helichrysum – anti-inflammatory, muscular aches and pains Vetiver – muscle Continue reading »

Aromatherapy and snoring

How can aromatherapy help with snoring? Well, it can, by using decongestant and expectorant oils to clear mucous and catarrh; some oils also dilate the airways so you can have a peaceful night’s sleep. Snoring can be caused by different factors: By allergies e.g. to tree or grass pollen: •Reach for essential oils with proven Continue reading »

Starflower oil

Starflower Oil Supplement It’s for your skin. Helps balance hormones and keep skin cells plump. Now the facts!!! Unless you have enough essential fatty acids/EFAs in your body (which you can only get through your diet, by eating the correct amount of oily fish, green veggies and having the best diet in the world) your Continue reading »