Massage The Bump

Quote ‘T&L’ for 10% off pregnancy massage when booked before 30th May, 2016 • What set you on the path of your chosen career? My search for a more holistic lifestyle. I did my Aromatherapy Diploma with Neal’s Yard Remedies 9 years ago and haven’t looked back. • What treatments do you provide? Aromatherapy, Pregnancy Continue reading »

Let it go!

I was just reading and article on “Reclaiming a day of Rest” on which reminds us to give ourselves permission to take time out from our hectic lives for rest. Why do we feel guilty about taking time to relax? Have we forgotten how? Suffering from regular headaches, digestive problems, stressed out skin and Continue reading »

Baby massage routine

Baby massage routine It is such joy to take care of your baby and baby massage can enhance the bond of trust between you. From birth babies love touch and the skin to skin touch from a loving parent is perhaps one of the greatest feelings a baby can have. During development in the womb, Continue reading »

Aromatherapy for eczema and other natural remedies

Aromatherapy for eczema and other natural remedies that can help. 1. Skin – a good place to start with in treating eczema are nourishing natural/organic oils and essential oils and also organic carrier oils, where possible. Theses will help balance the acid mantle and sebum production. Soothing carrier oils such as camellia oil, sunflower oil, Continue reading »

Aromatherapy Hydrosols

What is a hydrosol and why use one? A hydrosol is the floral /plant water produced as a by product of the steam distillation process used to produce many essential oils. These waters contain many of the therapeutic properties of the essential oil but in a highly diluted form. The healing benefits often remain the Continue reading »

Aromatherapy for labour

Aromatherapy for labour: To bring labour on try Clary Sage or Rose. Can be used from weeks 39/40, diluted in the bath or as a blend, see below for quantities. MASSAGE – add one drop of oil per 1 tsp of carrier oil e.g. jojoba, sweet almond, apricot etc… VAPOURISE 4-5 drops on a tissue Continue reading »

Aromatherapy for colds and flu

Aromatherapy for colds and flu: there are various applications of essential oils that can help boost the immune system and help treat infections naturally. Firstly, essential oils can help boost the immune system and at the same time ease congestion. For example, Eucalyptus Globulus and Niaouli or Myrrh considered for their specific cleansing effect on Continue reading »

Aromatherapy for stress

Aromatherapy for stress takes into account the mind, body and spirit to achieve balance within. Healing physical tension and mental manifestations. Recent times have seen stress levels go through the roof and I am seeing more and more clients with chronic conditions. Some stressed out clients have reported feeling anxious and tense all day long, Continue reading »