Aromatherapy for colds and flu

If you are fed up of the side effects of over the counter drugs for coughs, colds and flu, why not try some of the many applications of essential oils used in aromatherapy to treat the infection naturally?  Aromatherapy is highly effective at treating the symptoms of sore eyes, sore throat, headache, limb pain, congestion, sinusitis, earache, coughing and catarrh.

The essential oils help to ease congestion and are considered for their specific effect on the respiratory tract (antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial, antispasmodic).  Furthermore, as well as being immune stimulants the oils can help ease muscles that are tired from coughing and sneezing.

Your aromatherapy treatment: takes into account the different ways cold affects each individual.  In your bespoke treatment warming oils are chosen as lung tonics to instil confidence and to ease exhausted physical and emotional states.  Decongestant oils such as Myrrh, Spanish Marjoram, Sweet Thyme may be chosen.  Immune system stimulants can shorten the virus’s lifetime time as well as help with convalescence – Bergamot, Sandalwood, Ravensara

Massage: depending on the stage of the infection a chest rub can be a highly effective application method, a can a facial. Please be aware that where there is sinus involvement lying face down may be uncomfortable; though an aroma-stone under the massage table can really help.

Although massage is extremely effective with respiratory conditions if you are in “full cold” you may wish to remain at home for your comfort.  General measures should include bed rest, consume plenty of fluid to prevent dehydration, limit sugar consumption and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.


Recommendations from your aromatherapist: other methods of application enable an individual to “self-help” using essential oils: in the bath, in steam inhalation, gargles, and blends for application to thoracic and synovial areas or even inhaling drops of neat essential oil from a tissue (2 drops max), depending on the specific condition.  Don’t forget that vaporising the anti-infectious oils such as Ho Leaf, Eucalyptus, Niaouli or Tea Tree can help prevent air-borne infection in the colds and ‘flu season.

You will all know that one treatment is incredibly beneficial for boosting the immune system and maintaining optimum health so imagine what a few would do!