Baby & Child Massage

As aromatherapist and yoga teacher, I enjoy working with people of all different ages. However, over the last few years I have taken a particular interest in treating the health and wellbeing of babies and children. I am also a mother of two children and see how happy and relaxed they are after a massage.

Just as massage can be enjoyable for us, so touch in all forms is for babies. Massage helps the bonding process and us to communicate with our babies, as well as having major health advantages. I massaged both my children from birth and they are happy, confident little people who rarely succumb to illness and recover quickly if they do.

I run pre-booked classes and offer private one-to-one and group baby massage classes at your home or mine. Book online, by email or telephone.

Close up of baby's foot in mother's hand
Benefits of baby massage:
Baby Massage enhances baby-parent bonding through touch, relaxation and sensory stimulation with easy massage techniques. Baby learns to enjoy the comfort and security of loving and being loved and comforted.

  • Parent/Baby Bonding
  • Baby acquires knowledge about her body
  • Parent learns about baby’s body and understands his needs
  • Boosts immune system, encourages blood circulation and digestion
  • Promotes better sleep for baby (and mother!)
  • Encourages weight gain
  • Encourages nervous system development

Both parents can learn to massage.  Massage is a quality experience for parents and infants, from which both benefit immensely. Fathers, as well as mothers, can touch gently and lovingly and can help baby meet her physical and emotional needs.

What to expect?

In your class I will demonstrate massage techniques that you will practise and use yourself at home. Slow soothing strokes can comfort your baby before bed or more invigorating rolling massage with nursery rhymes, for example, can stimulate and interest your baby in the mornings. Daily baby massage can also help your baby’s digestion, immune system and muscle tone. Over a 5 week course you will learn a full body massage routine which can be adapted to time constraints and your baby’s needs.

Week 1
Baby Cues and Behaviour States – Meeting Yours & Baby’s Needs – Benefits of Massage + Contraindications.
Leg massage

Week 2
Tummy massage (clearing bubbles). How to treat colic!

Week 3
Chest and arms massage – techniques to release chest and sinus congestion.

Week 4
Face and Back massage.

Week 5
Recap on whole body and intro to Baby Yoga

Massage for Children

It’s just as important to massage children; if they were used to baby massage they will associate the touch of massage with love. From the age of 2, massage can be a wonderful way of applying natural essential oils as healing remedies. Below 2 yrs old, use only natural and organic vegetable oils.

I can advise on how to treat common childhood conditions holistically which can otherwise be debilitating for children and parents! Some natural remedies can be more effective than over the counter products because they heal and calm the mind and body at the same time.

At such an early age only the most gentle of products should be used.  Aromatherapy products blended specially for your child can help treat many childhood ailments naturally.

  • Fever, colds and flu
  • Chicken pox
  • Head lice
  • Eczema and Impetigo
  • Tummy ache and colic
  • Prickly heat/rashes
  • Cuts, grazes, bumps and bruises!

Oils for Baby Massage, Childhood Ailments

Below 2 yrs old, use only natural and organic vegetable oils.  Commercially produced mineral oils dry the skin and clog the pores. What we put on our skin is absorbed into the body and circulates throughout.  A man-made product will rob the body of vital nutrients often containing non organic and petroleum based ingredients.