Essential Oils for Pregnant Women

I am so excited to share a podcast about essential oils for pregnant women with Carla Letts of MyBump2Baby interviewing me. Carla is a mummy with an ambition to create the best baby, toddler and family directory, which I think she has achieved! There’s a plethora of advise, links and what’s on in your local area in the U.K. on her website.

I answer commonly asked questions that many expectant parents have when it comes to essential oils during pregnancy. Furthermore I talk about what essential oils actually are, which essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy and suggest essential oils you can use in the first trimester, second trimester and third trimester.

Listen to my podcast with Carla MyBump2BabyExpertPodcast

For more on the benefits of aromatherapy in pregnancy and essential oils for pregnant women see Pregnancy Massage, Induction Massage, Labour Massage

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