Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation uses ancient Indian facial massage (Champissage) techniques to create a natural face lift – erases and softens lines, smoothes the skin, helps restore lost muscle tone, without using Botox or surgery!  This holistic healing facial treats the actual causes of skin ageing for a more youthful look.

Your Treatment Plan:

Your facial rejuvenation treatment will focus on anti-ageing, breaking bad skincare habits and incorporating facial massage techniques into your daily routine. It will include a consultation and skin assessment to target the areas you want addressed! You will receive advice on pure oils and creams to incorporate into your regime to help “fix” the treatment.

The difference in your skin tone and texture will be noticeable after your first facial rejuvenation treatment but a course of 5 weekly treatments is recommended to start with. Followed by top up treatments fortnightly or monthly (for results see testimonials below) Regular sessions of holistic facial can really help to tone and revitalise the skin as well as providing relief from conditions such as headaches, insomnia etc and bringing deep relaxation.

What should I expect in a natural facial rejuvenation treatment?

•Massage can help the ageing process – by restoring lost muscle tone and encouraging skin elasticity by effectively stimulating areas that have become flaccid with time and disuse.

•A light and gentle touch relaxes the facial muscles and acts on the connective tissue to untangle, mobilise and stimulate “elastic” and “collagen” in the skin, giving a soft, supple appearance.

•Stimulating Auyvedic marma points – these marma points are considered the key connecting points to all aspects of our energies from the innermost consciousness to the outermost physical organs

•Holistic facial massage helps drain away toxins and fluids, which otherwise leave the face looking puffy and saggy, by encouraging blood and lymph circulation.

•Essential oils used in aromatherapy bring vital nutrition to skin cells restoring balance, correcting damage and encouraging healing resulting in smoother, clearer skin.

This treatment is also known as Indian Champissage Indian Champissage