Youtfhul look

Facial rejuvenation uses ancient Indian facial massage (Champissage) techniques to create a natural face lift – erases and softens lines, smoothes the skin, helps restore lost muscle tone, without using Botox or surgery! This holistic healing facial treats the actual causes of skin ageing for a more youthful look.

Facial rejuvenation

What should I expect in a natural facial rejuvenation treatment?

  • Massage can help the ageing process – by restoring lost muscle tone and encouraging skin elasticity by effectively stimulating areas that have become flaccid with time and disuse.
  • A light and gentle touch relaxes the facial muscles and acts on the connective tissue to untangle, mobilise and stimulate “elastic” and “collagen” in the skin, giving a soft, supple appearance.
  • Stimulating Auyvedic marma points – these marma points are considered the key connecting points to all aspects of our energies from the innermost consciousness to the outermost physical organs
  • Holistic facial massage helps drain away toxins and fluids, which otherwise leave the face looking puffy and saggy, by encouraging blood and lymph circulation.
  • Essential oils used in aromatherapy bring vital nutrition to skin cells restoring balance, correcting damage and encouraging healing resulting in smoother, clearer skin.