Holistic Massage

The term ‘holistic’ comes from the Greek word ‘holos’ meaning ‘whole’. By definition holistic massage treats the whole of the body as a single unity and is a gentle, yet powerful, hands-on method of balancing mind and body. Holistic massage uses Swedish massage techniques and touch to read the body’s signals. The healing massage aims to treat muscular discomfort in order to keep your body supple and healthy.

There are four main massage techniques used in holistic massage. Effleurage involves stroking movements; petrissage is a technique that resembles kneading; tapotement includes cupping movements and hacking; and vibrational movements are created using the fingers. Breathing techniques are also used to aid relaxation and to de-clutter your mind whilst encouraging oxygenation of blood during your treatment.

Benefits of Holistic MassageWoman Receiving Shoulder Massage
Regular holistic massage can result in pain reduction (increased blood flow helps remove inflammatory agents), relief in muscle tension, muscles and joints become more supple, muscles become toned, improved metabolism and improved appearance of skin