Balance and Heal The Body

Hot stone massage has a long history and is partly derived from the ancient Native Indian tradition of using hot and cold stones to balance and heal the body. In Asian cultures heated stones were placed on the body to relieve muscular aches and pains. After a hot steam bath the Romans used to lie down on cold marble slabs to stimulate and revitalise. The modern interpretation of hot stone massage combines massage, thermo-therapy, energy and healing work.

The grounding energy of the hot stones has an instant sedative and calming effect. The stones conduct heat deep into the muscles and organs, stimulating blood flow and detoxification. This in turn encourages the para-sympathetic nervous system to take over causing a release of endorphins (feel good hormones) and a reduction of stress levels.

Hot stones massage

What does a hot stone treatment involve?

A carrier oil is applied and massaged into the skin. Hot basalt stones are heated in a water bath and dried before being applied to the skin using massage techniques to deeply relax the muscles. Some hot stones will be placed on or under the body where there are areas of particular tension. Cold marble stones are used on the face to increase circulation and detoxification. At the end of the treatment crystals are placed on specific areas to unblock stuck energy and to awaken spiritual pathways.

Benefits of cold stone massage

  • Relieve congestion from isolated areas e.g. sinuses

  • Soothing and de-sensitising after heat has been applied

  • Alleviate swelling and reduce puffiness in injured areas

  • Excellent for varicose veins

Benefits of hot stone massage

  • Eases deeper muscular tension and release tension in connective tissues

  • Aids toxin removal by increasing lymphatic flow

  • Boosts the immune system

Hot Stone Massage with Aromatherapy

Using Essential Oils enhances the effects of hot stone massage as the oils are quickly absorbed through the open pores of the skin and increased blood flow throughout the body. The dual effect is of increased pain relief, stress relief and a prolonged sense of well-being.

Hot compresses can be applied to painful areas by applying the oil to the skin, covering the area with muslin or a flannel an then applying a hot stone, leaving for 5-10 minutes usually brings relief to the area. (Cold stone compresses can similarly be applied on areas of injury or inflammation)

Hot & Cold Stone Facial

A bespoke blend of essential oils will be created for your skin type. As in a normal facial you can expect your skin to be cleansed and gently exfoliated, followed by a deeply relaxing hot stone facial massage to ease tight muscles. The treatment is completed with cold stones to close the pores and encourage lymphatic drainage, leaving you revitalised and fresh faced.

Hot Stone Foot Reflex Massage

Taking reflexology to a new level, helping you to feel restored and rebalanced. The heat from the stones helps to relax the muscles in the feet allowing deeper stimulation of the reflexes. This also encourages absorption of therapeutic and softening oils. Hot stones are held and placed on the body for extra relaxation.