Prepare your body for childbirth

Induction massage can help prepare your body for childbirth from 38 weeks. It may also stimulate labour if you are post 40 weeks or are booked in to have a hospital induction pre-term and would like to try to avoid too much medical intervention. (see Disclaimer below*) The treatment uses essential oils, massage techniques and acupressure.


What to expect:

Much of the treatment is similar to a relaxing pregnancy massage but includes stimulation of specific acupressure points to encourage the cervix to dilate (e.g. Large Intestine 4, Spleen 6 and Spleen 9 – these can be sore). I will encourage you to breath slow/deep breaths through these. The breathing techniques I will encourage you to use draw from my pregnancy yoga training – complete yogic breath (belly, ribs, chest), ujjayi pranayama (breathing with sound) or golden thread breath.

Some of the oils that can help prepare the body for childbirth in and induction massage are: Rose, a uterine tonic that also has an analgesic effect and Clary sage, a uterine relaxant with anaesthetic and antispasmodic properties, Frankincense, dilates the alveoli in the lungs to encourage you to deepen your breathing. Please note that some of these essential oils are not used earlier in a pregnancy.

How many treatments will I need?

Several treatments may be required but I will also encourage you to eliminate other stresses, mental or physical, to switch off from work and to rest as much as possible.

Disclaimer: * this is not recommended pre 40 weeks for any other reason. The acupressure points can encourage the cervix to soften post 38 weeks . The physiological conditions that lie behind labour commencing are complex and whilst aromatherapy and acupressure can be helpful in stimulating contractions they do not guarantee that labour will progress immediately.

Please read this informative article if you have concerns about going over your due date:

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