Heal and strengthen your body

For all post-natal mummies. Learn adapted yoga poses and join a lifelong community of women offering ongoing support post partum. Heal and strengthen your body whilst taking time out for you in Post Natal Yoga or whilst bonding with your baby – babies welcome! – in Mummy & Baby Yoga.

Post natal yoga can be started 6 weeks post delivery. Most women are very attentive to their baby’s needs but need regular reminding that, in order to look after a child, they really need to look after themselves. Yoga plays a significant part in reconnecting with yourself and your new body post pregnancy.


Instability in your spine and pelvic region can be expected for up to a year after the birth of your child. Regular yoga classes will keep you in tune with what is happening to your body and teach you not to push yourself too soon.

These classes sympathetically acknowledge the physical and emotional challenges of early motherhood, from lack of sleep to celebrating the journey your body has been through.

What to expect:

In these progressive classes you will learn relaxation and breathing techniques such as reverse breathing to tone the belly with the breath to create a feeling of centre and inner strength, pelvic floor exercises to strengthen and re-build the stretched and sometimes torn muscles, neck rolls and shoulder openers to release tight muscles from nursing or carrying, gentle twists and adapted sun salutations. Feel free to stop and tend to your baby at any point. A long savasana (relaxation) at the end of your practice will leave you emotionally and physical revitalised.


Women can often feel isolated after the birth of their baby. Practising yoga with other women can really help with this isolation and practising yoga with your baby can help mummies to feel confident handling their babies. Please stay for a cup of tea and meet new friends.

Saturday – 9.30-10.30am Pregnancy Yoga at All Saint’s Church Hall, Douglas. £13 per class or £45 for 4 classes

Saturday – 11am-12pm Post Natal Yoga/Women’s Health Yoga at All Saint’s Church Hall, Douglas. £13 per class or £45 for 4 classes

Private kids classes for groups or individuals can be arranged.