Welcome to my treatment room in Ballasalla.

I recommend a 75 minutes for your first treatment and initial consultation to cover your medical history. This help me choose the best possible blend of oils for you and to tailor the treatment/yoga class to your needs. Thereafter, a short consultation is also always included.

A full treatment fee will be charged, at the discretion of the practitioner, in the event of a missed appointment or one cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.


Organic and natural essential oils selected to suit your needs are applied to the skin through massage. As the oils are inhaled and absorbed they help to balance emotions and hormones, therapeutic touch induces a state of deep relaxation, bringing renewed energy and easing tired muscles.
60mins £60, 75mins £75, 1hr30mins £90*

Holistic Massage
Improves general health and well-being by using different techniques to relax and loosen muscles, encouraging joint mobility, blood supply to the area, lymphatic circulation and the release of toxins.
60mins £60, 75mins £75, 1hr30mins £90*

Deep Tissue/Remedial Massage
Using firm, constant compressions and strokes to release chronic patterns of tension in the body and re-establish independent muscle function; also restoring elasticity to muscle tissues. This form of massage releases toxins from muscles and gets blood and oxygen circulating properly.
60mins £60, 75mins £75, 1hr30mins £90*

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
Targeted to problem areas
30mins £40, 45mins £50*

Aromatic Acupressure & Meridian Massage
A therapeutic massage with acupressure point stimulation along the meridians and oriental bodywork techniques to ease tension and release blocked chi (energy). A beautiful smelling bespoke blend of essential oils and/or direct application of essential oils to certain acu-points.
60mins £60, 75mins £75, 1hr30mins £90*

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage uses smooth basalt stones from volcanic rock to ease deep muscular tension. Stones will be placed directly on the body and used in gliding massage techniques to deeply relax. The end of the treatment includes chakra balancing with crystals.
60mins £60, 75mins £75, 1hr30mins £90*


Pregnancy Massage
Ideal to treat and relieve the muscle tension and joint discomfort that can accompany pregnancy. A combination of massage and aromatherapy helps improve circulation with draining strokes, regulates hormones and providing nurturing and relaxation for mother and baby.
60mins £60, 75mins £75, 1hr30mins £90*

Labour Massage
I will go over breathing techniques and analgesic acupressure points to use during labour; and your birth partner will learn holistic massage strokes to calm and ease muscle spasms especially around the lower back and sacrum.  You will be given advice on calming oils for the delivery room and will take home a blend to help with the three stages of labour.
60mins £60*

Induction massage – Essential oils and acupressure massage can help bring on labour. This is appropriate if you are post 40 weeks or are booked in to have a hospital induction pre-term and would like to try to avoid too much medical intervention (see Disclaimer * on Pregnancy Massage page for further information). I will use some oils that act as uterine tonics and relaxants as well as oils and acupressure points that help the cervix to dilate.
60mins £60, 75mins £75, 1hr30mins £90*

Post Natal massage – bespoke blends can be prescribed to help heal the body post partum. Aches and pains will be soothed away during your treatment and aftercare advice/home blends given for sore breasts, cracked nipples, stretch marks, c-section healing, episiotomy/tearing and post natal depression if required.
60mins £60, 75mins £75, 1hr30mins £90*
Home visits available, these incur an additional cost, see below

Baby/Child Massage
Enhances baby-parent bonding through touch, relaxation and sensory stimulation through easy massage techniques. Massage boosts baby’s immune system, encourages blood circulation and digestion AND promotes better sleep for baby (and mother!). Includes baby massage demonstration and instruction. The course includes Baby Yoga.
Group 1hr £13pp, Private 1hr £60*
Home visits available, see below


Natural Aromatherapy Facial
Using natural and organic products so your skin will be left looking radiant and refreshed. Including a cleanse and tone with plant based hydrosols, hot towels to open pores, a gentle exfoliating scrub, face pack, and facial massage with oils chosen for your skin type.
30mins £40, 45 mins 45, 60mins £60*

Facial Rejuvenation
A natural face lift, using a Indian champissage techniques to restore skin tone by stimulating collagen and elastin production to promote suppleness with a gentle fingertip lifting technique. With specific focus to problem areas such as lines around the nose/eyebrows & finishing with a relaxing marma point massage.
30mins £40, 45 mins 45, 60mins £60*
(Course of 6 weekly treatments recommended)

Hot & Cold Stone Facial
An excellent treatment for reviving tired skin with a luxurious and pampering facial to leave you refreshed and revitalised. You will enjoy a full facial cleanse with an organic balm, activation of acupressure points to stimulate the facial meridians and hot stones to release tension, followed by a soothing massage with cold marble stones to help improve circulation and detoxification.
30mins £40, 45 mins 45, 60mins £60*

Aromatic Acupressure Facial
Facial acupressure point stimulation and massage will relax your face and whole body. This is because your face is home to several energy meridians – including those for the large intestine, the stomach, the gallbladder, bladder, and the conception vessel channels.
30mins £40, 45 mins 45, 60mins £60*


Hot Stone Foot Reflex Massage
The ultimate in foot reflex treatments. The reflex points of the feet are massaged with hot stones and a nourishing blend of essential oils; whilst hot stones are held and placed on the body for extra relaxation.
60mins £60*

Tsuboki Foot Massage
A deeply relaxing foot treatment based on traditional Eastern and Western healing methods. A luxurious foot massage to improve circulation and lymphatic flow followed by revitalising Tsubo (acupressure massage) to encourage flow of chi throughout the body.
60mins £60*

Pregnancy Yoga
For beginners and experienced yogis to help prepare your body and mind for childbirth. Mindfully connect with your baby, strengthen your body, learn breathing techniques and optimal birthing positions. You will meet an amazing community of women in group classes but are welcome to start with 1-1 to learn techniques and increase your confidence.
Group 1hr £10pp, Private 1hr £60 *

Post Natal Yoga
For all post-natal mummies. Heal and strengthen your body whilst bonding with your baby – babies welcome! Strengthens back, abs and pelvic floor muscles, reduces muscular tension, rejuvenates mind and increases energy.
Group classes1hr £13pp or £45 for 4, Private 1hr £60 *

Hatha Yoga
A Hatha Yoga includes yoga postures (asanas), breath work (pranayama) and how to gently flow (vinyasa) between them helping to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. Guided meditation will quieten your mind and relaxation (savasana) will de-stress and aid healing. Regular practice will help to shape your body, change postural habits and train your mind for clarity of thought.
Group classes1hr £13pp or £45 for 4, Private 1hr £60*


HOME VISITS Postnatal home visits can be arranged but incur an extra charge of £25 in the south of the island, for extra travel time to and from your destination and parking. For other areas please contact me.

GIFT VOUCHERS Book online, email or text me your requirements. I can post a card Gift Voucher directly to your recipient or email you an electronic copy. You can also book online.

BESPOKE PRODUCTS Contact Jenny to ask about natural and organic products made on request post consultation – creams, scrubs, gels, masks etc.