Pregnancy Yoga Classes


Block of 4 classes. Pregnancy Yoga – all levels welcome. From 12 weeks gestation. Connect with your baby, feel good in your body and join our yoga community.

9.30-10.30am every Saturday. All Saint’s Church Hall, Douglas with Jenny James and Heidi Danaher.

Terms & Conditions: You are kindly requested to pay by bank transfer (details on purchase button). Please note that refunds are not possible but the class can be carried over for one week. Single classes can be purchased also.

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For beginners and experienced yogis to help prepare your body and mind for childbirth. Mindfully connect with your baby, strengthen your body, learn breathing techniques and optimal birthing positions. You will meet an amazing community of women in group classes.

In these classes you will have time to mindfully connect with your baby, learn comfortable relaxation / breathing techniques to use throughout your pregnancy and in labour. You will be able to strengthen your body preparation for childbirth with adapted yoga poses and become practised in asanas for optimal foetal positioning for the later stages of your pregnancy. And not forgetting exercises for your pelvic floor in different stages of your pregnancy.

This gentle relaxing approach to yoga helps to reduce fatigue and tension while promoting strength, flexibility, increased energy and circulation. It can be used to relieve some of the common ailments associated with pregnancy – back pain, heartburn and swelling (oedema). It can also help mentally prepare for the delivery of your baby and gives you time and space to connect with your unborn child.