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Joanna Ophelia
Joanna Ophelia
I had a deep tissue massage with Jenny which I would highly recommend. I currently have a yoga injury and Jenny was extremely sympathetic towards this and tailored my treatment to incorporate working on the injury making a poultice with beneficial oils and giving advice/guidance. Jenny is very knowledgeable in her field. Thank you!read more
Zibi Mucha
Zibi Mucha
I highly recommended Jenny as a therapist. Her knowledge and expertise is second to none. She uses very good quality products in her practice. Simply 5 star experience!
Amy Utley
Amy Utley
Had my first induction massage with Jenny and she was brilliant. So knowledgeable and the treatment was very relaxing. I can feel some tightening already which must be a great sign.
Gemma Bayes
Gemma Bayes
Thank you Jenny for a great experience. I had a pregnancy massage at 37 weeks when I was feeling quite uncomfortable and it made me feel so much better. Jenny's knowledge and advice is incredibly helpful and her openness to being contacted afterwards and sending information via email is invaluable for an anxious first time mummy. Thank you Jenny,read more
Meredith Van Eeuwen
Meredith Van Eeuwen
I had a pregnancy massage with Jenny that exceeded my expectations. Jenny is clearly knowledgable and thoughtful in the essential oils used, but more importantly knows the pains and right points to focus on for a pregnant woman. I can’t wait to book my next appointment!
Tobina Marx
Tobina Marx
Jenny takes into account many aspects of what your body needs at that time and provides a great all around massage with lovely oils and advice that addresses much more than a simple massage. It has been a key part of my last few weeks of countdown until giving birth.
Eileen Ng
Eileen Ng
I had a fantastic post-natal massage with Jenny at home. She created a relaxing atmosphere and kneaded all the tightness away with carefully-blended essential oils and amazing strength in her fingers!
Chiara Sansone
Chiara Sansone
Jenny is simply great. The atmosphere was perfect and before the massage she asked me about my pain(s), my history and also my favourite kind of oil/scent.The massage was perfect, she worked a lot (I don't know how she can have this strength in her arms) and even if I felt a lot of (good) pain in some areas of my body, i fell asleep for the first time in my life during a massage!Anyway, I don't believe in miracles but I can say that after 10 weeks of a very strong back pain (I spent 2 months in bed) now I think I'm fine and my back pain almost disappeared!Thank you Jenny!I did a very helpful pregnancy massage and when I come back to London I'll definitely try some other massage!read more
Athena Bray-Mucha
Athena Bray-Mucha
lovely relaxing Japanese facial, feet the muscles relax and melt. Didn’t want the treatment to end! Give yourself the best treatment with Jenny
Lucinda Robins
Lucinda Robins
Jenny is an absolute expert at all kinds of aromatherapy massage and I learnt so much about the muscles in my body I had never even heard of. It was very relaxing and I feel great after my massage and will definitely be back! x
Camille Kynoch
Camille Kynoch
Jenny seriously knows her stuff and a massage with her is so much more than 'a relaxing treat'. She gets to know your body and what it needs to be at its best. She gives great advice and truly tries to help you be in the best health possible. Amazing for pregnancy and post natal also. Highly recommended.
Becs Johnston
Becs Johnston
I had a wonderful full body massage as a birthday treat! As a personal trainer I have a number of knots and tight muscles - Jenny managed to relieve everything whilst also making the experience incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. She used a blend of 3 essential oils that smelt wonderful. I would highly recommend her and will definitely be going back again soon. Thanks Jenny!read more
Pradeep Anbudaiyan
Pradeep Anbudaiyan
Jenny is amazing. She not only listens and responds to your problem areas, but she recommends ways to manage pain through stretching and exercise. Will continue to make appointments monthly. Highly recommended!
Natalie Fritz
Natalie Fritz
I thoroughly enjoyed the baby massage course run by Jenny. It was fun being able to do it in private sessions with a few friends from my NCT group. I know that my baby really enjoyed both the massage and the songs that we learnt. I would certainly recommend this course to others. It was a really nice way to bond with my baby and by the end of the course I had learnt some useful massage techniques for using at more
Kate Turner
Kate Turner
Jenny's massages are intuitive and hugely relaxing. She takes time to blend bespoke massage oil which is extra special. Best massage I've had in a long time. I highly recommend her!
Sonja Avery
Sonja Avery
I have had a facial massage yesterday, and I have never felt more relaxed. I have two jobs, which can be stressful at times. But after the facial I felt totally relaxed and less stressed. I will definitely be back soon! She made me feel very welcome, made me a cuppa and explained the oils she was using for the facial (i even got to take a small bottle with my personal mix home!). Great more
Elizabeth Glendinning
Elizabeth Glendinning
She is a superstar. I had an induction massage which was by far the best massage I have ever had. She tailored everything to my needs, and it is clear she genuinely cares about her clients' mental and physical well being. I cannot recommend her enough.
Camilla Cross
Camilla Cross
Great baby massage course. Absolutely loved it and so did my 3 month old. Also covered some baby yoga and essential oil education. Small group, lots of one to one time and very relaxing. Thoroughly recommend. Thanks Jenny!
Camilla Read
Camilla Read
I cannot recommend Jenny highly enough. I see her regularly for aromatherapy and massage and she never disappoints. Professional, experienced and knowledgeable, Jenny is superb.

December, 2017
Sophie (Aromatherapy Massage)
I was more than satisfied infact I could have repeated it all over again!
Your home is restful and relieved my stress immediately and the smell of the oils stays with me.
Your treatment was professional, caring and thoughtful and I left feeling far less tight and ready to return to family life.
I’m hoping to come again before Xmas but I don’t want to tell too many people about you!

July, 2017
Charlotte (Pregnancy Massage)
The best massage ever!
I was a bit sceptical when booking my pregnancy massage appointment online at first as the treatment takes place at Jenny’s home. I’m so used to having treatments at a salon or Spa and wasn’t sure what to expect.
As soon as I walked through door all scepticism instantly vanished. Jenny was so welcoming and home clean and beautiful. I felt very embarrassed about my preconceptions.
Jenny is thorough, carrying out a mini consultation before the massage; Which includes medical history as well as wanting to know more about my day to day life.
I found my treatment to be informative and was made to feel included in the whole process.
As Jenny put together the oils, she gave a break down of the benefits of each oil she had chosen, I then realised that she took into account my personal needs as discussed in the consultation and smells I like to create my own personal prescription.
The Pregnancy Massage itself along with the whole experience was exceptional! Best massage I have ever received! An hour wasn’t long enough (definitely booking longer on my next visit).
After my massage Jenny even gave me some stretching techniques to try out at home.
Professional, informative with high standard of customer service, in a calm relaxing environment

June, 2017
Sarah (Baby Massage)
Thank you so much for today, some really great advice and I’ve been doing a couple of the techniques with much success. I’ve had some lovely big smiles in return 🙂

June, 2017
Claire (Aromatherapy Massage)
My visit to Jenny James was just what I had been advised to have. Something restful and restorative. Jenny was extremely professional in her approach and treatment. Having understood what prompted me to seek an aromatherapy treatment she blended some wonderful oils that together gave me a superb experience.

April, 2017
James (Aromatherapy Massage)
I was thoroughly impressed with the service I received from Jenny. This was the first aromatherapy massage I have had and Jenny made it a very enjoyable experience. From the outset she was welcoming and took the time to understand my personal circumstances and areas of discomfort. Jenny demonstrated a high level of professionalism and knowledge, selecting oils perfectly suited to me. The treatment was comprehensive and worked out several areas of tension, many of which I wasn’t aware were tense beforehand! Following the treatment Jenny suggested a few basic stretches to improve my overall wellbeing. I would highly recommend booking an appointment with Jenny and I look forward to going back soon.

March, 2017
April H (Pregnancy Massage)
I recently had a pregnancy massage with Jenny James. Having reached the 37th week of my pregnancy, I was starting to feel the aches and pains and sheer weight of the baby during my everyday activities. My only regret is that I hadn’t found Jenny sooner! She is a true professional, putting me at ease and talking me through all of my ailments before the appointment began. She mixed up some lovely smelling oils that really helped my well being as well. The massage itself was divine. Perfect amount of pressure and relaxation. I left feeling a bit dazed…in the best way…so relaxed and rested at the same time. I will definitely visit Jenny again and take her up on her baby massage once baby arrives!

February, 2017
Sarah (Pregnancy Massage)
…such a wonderful massage! It’s taken me 7 months to finally get around to booking and after weeks of research I felt I would be in the best hands with Jenny. She listened to how I was feeling and how my pregnancy had gone so far to really tailor the massage to me. I felt relaxed as soon as I arrived and all my aches and pains have gone. Is it too much to go every week?!…

February, 2017
Rachael (Deep Tissue Massage)
I have very much enjoyed your massage. So healing and so relaxing and have recommended you to my colleague. Thank you again!

February, 2017
Tanisha (Induction Massage)
Thank you so much a wonderful relaxing, informative and above all effective treatment.
After having the induction Massage treatment over the weekend, I went into labour early Monday morning and had my beautiful baby that evening.
Jenny goes above and beyond and sent some useful notes for oils to use in labour as well as acupressure techniques when they need to could be used. Thanks Jenny you are a star.

January, 2017
Lara (Baby Massage)
I absolutely loved the class and I did the massage 2 times already on her…seems that she loves it also!

November, 2016
Kamila (Remedial Massage)
I enjoyed the treatment enormously. My neck is now much more flexible and mobile. Clearly you are an amazing therapist. Your knowledge about muscles is absolutely spectacular and you have a very strong but purposeful touch.

September, 2016
Lizzie (Aromatherapy Massage) I just wanted to thank you for earlier today. I really feel so much better (absolutely exhausted but stronger. Wow! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to go to bed, I think I will be sleeping well tonight!

September, 2016
Valerie (Induction Massage) Just wanted to let you know that the massage worked really well! I had some contractions at your place, but by the time I got home (around 3) it really started!!! Went to the hospital around 6 and baby girl Jasmijn was born just after midnight. She is amazing!

June, 2016
Emilie (Aromatherapy Massage) My birthday massage was the product of a joint family effort, in terms of cooperation by all! Jenny, thank you so so much for allowing me to indulge in the most spoiling massage, it was absolutely divine and I have benefitted so much from your magic touch. It really really was such a treat.

June, 2016
Darya (Pregnancy Massage) I went for a pregnancy massage with Jenny. Jenny was very professional and her treatment room is lovely! She sat down with me to go over my pregnancy history and to get to know me better which was greatly appreciated.
She also made sure I was very comfortable throughout the treatment and addressed all my initial areas of concern.
The massage was very relaxing but therapeutic at the same time. I look forward to my next treatment.

May, 2016
Amy (Pregnancy Massage) I had a last minute appointment with Jenny mid way through me moving house. I have a chronic pain condition from various muscular, fascia and joint issues and had been lax in getting my usual massage therapy. Thank goodness Jenny was available. I wish I’d found her sooner, she is amazing! She took time to understand what I needed, used excellent pressure and a technique of release on my neck I hadn’t had before which produced brilliant results. Her treatment room is quiet, private, relaxing and comfortable. Highly recommended!

March, 2016
Amy (Pregnancy Massage) Thank you so much for the fantastic massage yesterday and the tips on stretches – I’ve started these already.

February, 2016
….. (Pregnancy Massage) Wonderful experience. Jenny really takes the time to understand you and what you are looking for. Her aromatherapy blends are delicious. I left completely calm and walking on air.

December, 2015
Marysol (Aromatic Acupressure Facial) I just want to thank Jenny due to the fact that her service is complete because she gives advice, exercises and she explained how to carry on with the treatment at home. You can feel the difference of how my face looks after the acupressure facial therapy.

December, 2015
Marysol (Aromatic Acupressure Facial) Thanks so much for your facial. I went to see Jenny as I suffered from TMJ and she really gave me the best therapy my jaw does not feel very tight anymore and she gave me exercises that I can do at home. I can confirm that it makes a difference to my condition after my first visit for an acupressure facial.

November, 2015
Dominique (Baby Massage) We did the 5-week baby massage course with a group of new mums. Jenny was first of all very flexible in dates, time and location of the massage sessions which was very helpful.
The massage course itself was very interesting and fun. Jenny provided a lot of information not only about massage but also about aromatic oils and how to help your baby when having any problems such as colic, indigestion, blocked sinuses and much more.

November, 2015
Gemma (Pregnancy Massage) Jenny was organised, professional and made me feel at ease as she massaged me, not least because she was obviously well researched and practised. I felt totally at ease and enjoyed being involved in the chosing of the aromas I was being massaged with.

November, 2015
Abi (Pregnancy Massage)
Thank you so so much for all the info….. Thanks again for the massage! Had an amazing night sleep after that 🙂

May 2015,
Claire (Pregnancy Massage) I’ve always been a big fan of having regular massages but since being pregnant I have found them to be more necessary then ever before.
I was bought a Jenny James massage as a present by a friend and after going along for the first one I have been completely hooked ever since.
Jenny is amazing at what she does and manages to combine a really relaxing experience with successfully easing tension and muscle build up. Her knowledge and experience with aromatherapy oils and pregnancy in general means that you leave after an hour feeling in a much better state both mentally and physically! Would thoroughly recommend!

May 2015,
Nita (Deep Tissue Massage) As always, Jenny offers a calming and bespoke service that really caters to my needs. Went to her with a super sore and stiff upper back and neck problems which she eased away with calming oils and her firm hands. Would always go back for more of her treatments, she is highly recommended.

April 2015,
Lucy (Aromatherapy Massage) Jenny is very attentive and detailed in her approach as an aromatherapist. She always makes me feel relaxed so I can feel I can tell her why I’m stressed and in need of a massage. I always come out after a massage feeling so very much more relaxed physically and much calmer mentally.

March 2015,
Tatiza (Pregnancy Massage) After a difficult start into pregnancy, I didn’t realise how tense I was at the end of my first trimester. My husband found Jenny’s website and I am glad that he did.
For the first time I was able to relax and truly connect with my baby. I therefore am especially thankful to Jenny for her support and will continue to use and benefit from her services I’m sure.

February 2015,
Joanna (Aromatherapy Massage and Facial for Relaxation) I really enjoyed my treatment with Jenny. The excellent massage coupled with handpicked aromatherapy oils was profoundly relaxing and definitely helped to ease tension in my upper back and shoulders.

August 2014,
Jessica (Facial Rejuvenation)
Thank you so much, the facial was great and the serum smells amazing.

August 2014,
Elizabeth (Induction Massage) Thank you for the lovely massage and sending the information over. I just wanted to let you know that following my massage my waters broke at 3am the next morning and my baby boy was born at 7.30pm on Wednesday 30th July weighing 3kg / 6.6lbs. I had a completely natural birth and had him in the pool in the birth centre at Chelsea & Westminster. I didn’t have any drugs or gas & air. I think it has resulted in a very relaxed baby 🙂
I just wanted to thank you as I am sure the massage helped me relax beforehand and the oils and pressure points helped my labour to progress. I am so pleased not to have gone over due. We are both doing well and I am slowly getting used to motherhood and the lack of sleep!

June 2014,
Tamsin (Induction Massage) Just to let you know I finally went into labour on Sunday evening and had a very positive birth experience. Despite being a week late, baby Zack made a v speedy entrance into the world – he arrived 22 minutes after we made it to the birth centre! Thank you for your lovely relaxing massages and your tips on breathing – I’ll be back for a postnatal massage soon!

Vivianna (Aromatherapy Massage & Facial)
Many thanks for the super relaxing treatment, I really did enjoy it…. I am using the facial oil you made up for me and will follow your instructions for use.

Caroline (Hot Stone Massage) I had never had a hot stone massage before and was unsure what to expect but the smoothness of the stones was a completely different sensation interspersed with experience of the masseurs hands and the heat penetrated to help further relax tired muscles. Combined with the aromatherapy oils which Jenny takes such care to get a bespoke combination just right for each patient I feel extremely lucky to have discovered Jenny James Therapies.

Reiko (Hot Stone Massage) I was positively surprised by the effect of hot stone massage Jenny performed on me. Jenny used hot and cold stones skilfully to relieve tension from my shoulder and lower back, and she not only unknotted my back, but also showed me a couple of exercise I can do at home to keep staying in the good form.

Nicola (Remedial Massage) I have had a bad back for a number of years and Jenny gives the best massage I’ve had in ages. She also uses a wonderful mix of oils. The whole appointment is always very thorough and professional. I have recommended her to a number of my friends.

Frances (Natural Aromatherapy Facial)  Jenny is very professional and her products and techniques are amazing. Jenny takes her time to discuss the care that you are going to receive and what products she is going to use. I can highly recommend Jenny and all of her products

Liz (Natural Aromatherapy Facial)  Following each facial, I notice an improvement in my skin tone and literally glow for the rest of the day. The benefits are long lasting and now I avoid many over the counter products. I make sure I don’t miss our monthly appointments!”

Fiona (Aromatherapy Massage for compromised immune system)  I literally bounced out of the room after my massage and felt terrific – both physically and mentally – for a long time afterwards.

Roz (Treatment of varicose veins and muscular aches and pains)  Over the past few months I have been receiving a regular course of treatments from Jenny. As a practitioner myself, I have high expectations and standards on professional conduct, knowledge and of course, most importantly, getting the results. Jenny shone in all of those areas and has made a real difference to my well-being and to my health. She has managed to keep my stress levels in check, but most amazingly got visible results in improving my varicose veins which were the bane of my life following my recent pregnancy – even my husband has commented on the improvement. Her careful and well thought through blends of essential oils for my treatments were always heavenly and seemed to be exactly what my body needed. The experience has been a highly positive one, as well as hugely beneficial to me.

Zoe (Pregnancy Massage) A dear friend recommended that I contact Jenny James about prenatal massage to ease my lower back pain. As I embark on the growing physical discomforts of the third trimester, my sessions with Jenny are cherished and I always look forward to the next one. Jenny charges a fair price and is exceptionally thorough in the care she provides, taking her time to explain and to create an entire therapeutic environment that is just right for you. I am literally in the most capable hands and cannot recommend her enough.

Alex (Treatments on ligament damaged shoulder and sports strains) Jenny has opened my eyes as to what aromatherapy has to offer. Her knowledge of the oils and massage technique are second-to-none. I have found the course of treatments to improve my overall well-being and I will definitely continue now that I realise and feel the benefits.

Liz (Treatment of tight shoulders and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome)  Following each treatment, I experienced a feeling of calm and relaxed well-being. I have always had a good night’s sleep after Jenny’s treatments and wake feeling refreshed. The tightness in my shoulders is noticeably relaxed. The work we have done on my feet makes them feel a lot more flexible a day later, so they respond well too. All in all I think treatments should be a part of my daily life as they redress the balance and help with stress.

Victoria (Migraine relief)  Finally I have found a masseur who takes the time to get to know you – this enables Jenny to give a complete all rounded treatment. It is a truly bespoke treatment as she mixes the oils whilst you are there and you discuss together what type of massage you want and why. I suffer from migraines every month but after seeing Jenny regularly and letting her work on all the knots and tense areas in my neck and shoulders, my migraines are very much less frequent.