Developing strength, flexibility and calming the mind.

A Young Yogis kids yoga class has amazing benefits for children: developing strength, flexibility and calming the mind. Certain postures help children enhance their focus and concentration. Other postures help them improve or develop their balance. These classes make yoga fun by including traditional yoga and encouraging creative expression though dance. Meditation and mindfulness techniques offer ongoing support as your child navigates the emotional journey of life.

Kids yoga

Yoga for children should be fun yet challenging! There are postures that calm the nervous system and there are postures that require and develop strength or flexibility. They will learn the core yoga poses e.g. Easy Pose, Warrior I + II, Dragon and Twisted Dragon so will have to listen, concentrate and follow instructions. The fun part of Yoga Dance (the adventure) is turning these postures into a dance with a pop song or into a story or a game with partners. An important part of the class is self-evaluation – did I do a good Tree Pose? My best pose was… Can I sit with a long strong spine….I need to work on….

The next class Young Yogis kids yoga will build on this. Children that can see improvement in their postures week on week develop self-confidence and learn how to self-evaluate without criticism – one way to do this is after a guided meditation is to ask them to choose a ‘word’, ‘card’ to say how they feel and compare it to how they felt at the start of the class.

Mindfulness is introduced subtly: techniques to calm the mind and focus on the present moment can be based around breath work or using a an image or an object to concentrate on.

Meditation and relaxation are a vital part of a Young Yogis class. It gives them a lovely relaxed and peaceful feeling, something they very likely don’t get to experience that often in a fully awake state during the day. Subconsciously they know that this is beneficial, calming and healing. Your Young Yogis will definitely want to come home and share some of the things they have learnt.